Top SEO Tools to Track Organic Traffic in 2024

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Everyone aims to get their business noticed at the top of search engine results. That’s where SEO steps in. It Improves website visibility and rankings by optimizing content, keywords, and structure to attract organic traffic from search engines. But, are you familiar with SEO tools which assist in implementing strategies for better online performance?  

SEO tools are the software or online platforms that help optimize websites for search engines. These tools analyze various aspects of a website’s performance, such as keyword research, backlinks, on-page optimization, competitor analysis, and site speed, to enhance its online presence. Utilizing these tools can significantly boost a website’s traffic and attract more potential customers. This blog covers the best SEO tools to enhance your strategy and improve your website’s ranking to stand out in the market.

Importance of SEO Tools

Businesses need to establish a strong online presence to surpass competitors in the digital space. Let’s explore how SEO tools help achieve this goal.

1. Keyword Research

Improve the visibility of your website using the SEO optimiser tool. It helps in analyzing popular search queries and identifying keyword prospects. Finding appropriate keywords will help your company increase its online presence and attract targeted customers.

2. On-Page Optimization

SEO tools provide insights into headings, meta tags, and content structure for on-page optimization, ensuring that people and search engines can understand your web pages. Better search engine rankings result from this optimization, which raises the website’s authority and relevancy.

3. Content Improvement

Enhancing your content is crucial to bringing in readers and keeping them interested in what you are providing. SEO tools offer valuable insights into content performance, helping you identify areas for improvement. Content may be customized for maximum impact by looking at indicators like engagement and bounce rates.

4. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis allows you to stay ahead of the competition by understanding your competitors. Businesses Businesses can find the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors by conducting thorough competition analysis with the help of SEO tools. This information empowers you to analyze competitor keywords, backlinks, and content strategies, gaining valuable insights to strengthen your strategy.

5. Link Building

The process of finding and getting high-quality backlinks from trustworthy websites is made more accessible by SEO tools. It assists in spotting significant linking opportunities, enabling you to develop an effective backlink profile that impacts the authority and visibility of your website

6. Performance Tracking

SEO tools provide valuable metrics for tracking website performance, including traffic, conversions, and rankings. Businesses can use this data to evaluate the success of their SEO campaigns and make well-informed decisions for ongoing optimization.

Dominating SEO Tools that Drive Organic Growth

In recent years, a long list of SEO tools to increase traffic has made its way to the market. So which are the reliable ones? No more hectic now! Here is  the list of best SEO tools that ensures organic traffic and promotes your brand.

1. Google Search Console

Best for: Maintain, monitor, and resolve issues with your website’s visibility in Google Search results.

Google Search Console

Ranked as the top SEO tool, Google Search Console is in improving the performance on Google Search Engine pages. By pinpointing website errors, this tool empowers you to take the necessary action to keep your website up and running. Beyond error identification, Google Search Console offers valuable functionalities such as submitting sitemaps and checking backlinks. This comprehensive SEO tool provides a detailed website overview, enabling proactive measures to drive traffic.

Furthermore, the tool provides essential statistics like click-through rates and search queries. Taking advantage of all these features allows you to promote organic growth on your website. To kickstart your SEO journey, invest in the optimization capabilities of Google Search Console.

Key Features

  • Monitor website traffic and performance 
  • Analyse trends and analytics using other Google tools
  • Ensure that there are no server errors, site load issues, or security breaches



2. Google Analytics

Best for: Tracking website performance and conversation rates.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is another trendy SEO tool in the list that goes beyond helping you grab organic traffic. It is the latest version of Google Analytics that gives you complete access to website performance at your fingertips.

Using SEO and Google Analytics 4 together is truly a win-win. Google Analytics 4 offers a more helpful tool for tracking SEO progress and reporting. You can track your visitors’ behaviour much more accurately, including metric improvements to engage video, scroll depth, and click buttons.

GA4 will also assist you in pinpointing and segmenting your audience since it provides you with demographic and geographic information on your visitors. These data are not only useful for optimizing SEO strategies but also for optimizing social media campaigns and Google ads. This free tool will help you determine the most popular pages and how visitors arrive at your site. In addition, it will allow you to track the time they spend on the website. 

Key Features

  • With Google Analytics, you can monitor your site’s bounce rate over time.
  • By specifying smart goals, determine the desired threshold for data on different web pages.
  • Discover everything about your visitors, including their geolocation, demographics, browsing habits, and interests.



3. Ahrefs

Best for: Better insights into SEO analysis. 


The Ahrefs SEO suite is a powerful tool for optimizing your search engine rankings and growing organic traffic to your website. Known primarily for its backlinking tools, it holds a database of over 30 trillion links and crawls thousands of pages daily. There is an online backlink checker available for free. The page shows your domain rating, backlinks, and referrals. With a paid plan, you will have access to the complete link profile.

Key Features

  • Historical data on backlinks.
  • An explorer for searching and tracking keywords.
  • Technical SEO analysis tool for site audits.


Monthly fees start at $99 per month.

4. SEMrush

Best for: Analyzing competitors, keyword research, and accessing website performance. 


SEMrush is the most dominating tool in the SEO tool list for conducting keyword research and analyzing competitors. Using this SEO optimiser tool, you can monitor your website’s performance across search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The tool can also provide recommendations for on-page SEO, which is essential in 2024, considering that Google will continue emphasizing quality content.

Key Features

  • It aids businesses in discovering new keyword opportunities and analysing keyword data.
  • Analysis of competitor traffic and backlinks, along with advertising strategies.
  • Identifies technical SEO issues on a website and recommends improvements.
  • Analyses fluctuations in keyword rankings over time.


With a 7-day free trial, prices start at $129.95/monthly.

5. Moz Pro

Best for: Boosting website visibility.

Moz Pro

With Moz Pro, you can access several SEO auditing tools to help you improve your search engine ranking. Moz Pro plans come with MozBar premium, a chrome extension that can conduct SEO audits on your site. If you view a page or SERP (search engine results page), the toolbar will show you instant metrics. Open Site Explorer is useful for discovering relevant backlinks to your site and identifying potentially vulnerable backlinks. You also gain peace of mind by having it scan and check your site for vulnerabilities that hinder your visitors from exploring it.

Key Features

  • Moz is a great tool for researching keywords. Using SEO data, marketers can calculate metrics with impressive accuracy.
  • With this tool, it is possible to monitor the rankings in real-time for any site and keyword you are tracking.
  • With Moz, you can improve entry links on your website by analysing your backlink profile thoroughly.


Depending on your SEO needs, Moz Pro offers four plans.

  • The standard plan costs $99 per month
  • The monthly cost of the medium plan: $179
  • Monthly fee for large plan: $299
  • The premium plan costs $599 per month

6. Ubersuggest

Best for: Convenient keyword research and tracking customers.


The Ubersuggest is a top SEO tool that comes up with content marketing ideas and keyword suggestions. With Ubersuggest, you can discover new keywords, analyze their performance, and modify your SEO strategy accordingly.

Key Features

  • With Ubersuggest, your keywords are saved for future use.
  • The Ubersuggest tool allows you to search long-tail keywords, phrases, and related terms.
  • A marketer’s insight into another person’s strategy can be helpful.


You can subscribe on three levels depending on your company’s size:

  • A monthly fee of $12 is charged to an individual
  • Professionals pay $20 per month
  • Enterprises are charged a monthly fee of $40

In contrast to the rest of the SEO tools on this list, Ubersuggest offers lifetime subscriptions.

7. Whitespark

Best for: Local search rank tracking and analyzing competitors.


The next prominent SEO tool in the list is Whitespark, which will never let your SEO efforts go to waste. Whitespark is the leading local SEO tool that is primarily designed to help you boost sales and rank high organically.

With Whitespark, you can leverage local SEO to its full potential. Using this tool, you can find citation opportunities, track the performance of your organic and local search results, and facilitate customer reviews.

Key Features

  • Discover where you rank in the search engines
  • Get more online reviews, feedback, and testimonials from your customers
  • Discover your competitors’ most essential citations


The Whitespark plan is free. Monthly plans begin at $17/month (billed annually).

8. Serpstat

Best for: Tracking website ranking and content research.


With Serpstat, you can easily monitor numerous keywords all at once. This tool lets you explore competitors, analyze PPC campaigns, and keep tabs on your rankings. It’s an ideal pick for businesses seeking a straightforward keyword-tracking solution that can handle multiple keywords simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Take advantage of top-performing keywords to expand your online presence
  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • Observe how your competitors advertise


The pricing for Serpstat starts at $50 per month (if billed annually).


Finally, you have the list of dominating SEO tools in the market that will help you get access to the performance of your website and play the right card to boost traffic. By taking the complete leverage of these SEO tools, you can significantly increase organic traffic on your website.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You need to decide which tools work best depending on your needs. From SemRush and Moz Pro to Google Analytics, every SEO tool sets the stage and room for growth and boosts your business ranking.

Nikita Saini

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